At ERC, you are at the center of everything we do and we call it IPCEC- Integrated Patient Centric Eye Care. We take care to reach you wherever you are, at prices that will surprise you and with quality that will exceed your expectations.

9+ Locations

Expanding Rapidly

At Home Service

Doorstep Eye Care

Thinking of helping someone with good eye sight?

Get in touch with us, tell us your location, and we will organize a free eye test for your entire locality. Our teams will reach your place, and with standard medical process check the eyes for glass correction and cataract. And its completely FREE for all, and you get the blessings from the community. Extend your help to your community TODAY! 

The eye test that we provide is completely free of charge, however we may charge a nominal convenience fee in certain situations to cover some direct costs which will be clearly informed to you in advance if necessary. We also sell glasses which is not a part of our free care, which we are committed to deliver to your doorstep within a week from the date of purchase. Welcome to the ERC family.

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